Plants escaping from private property and spreading into the Scenic Reserve transform from one person’s treasure into weeds and we feel there is an obligation on property owners to prevent this from happening.

Our Weedbusters group was formed with the goal of identifying and eradicating escaped weeds and playing an instructive role where possible.
We are interested in small ground-cover plants like Wandering Willy, right up to large trees like the purple flowered rhododendron (Ponticum) which can expand into acre-sized outcrops.

The Weed Directory identifies the most common weeds found around Lake Kaniere that we ask all members of the Association to watch out for and assist with the control of these weeds. Suggested controls include:

  • Ideally dig plant out and place in rubbish bin.
  • Montbretia has bulbs which need to be removed and placed in the rubbish bin.
  • Use Roundup for weeds with grass-shaped shaped leaves.
  • Try Kiwicare Turfclean spray for weeds with rounded leaves.
  • Use Tordon or Gazon spray for woody weeds e.g.Gorse and Blackberry.
  • Bushy plants carrying seeds: cut at ground level, place in rubbish bin, apply Vigilant to the stump.
  • Bushy plants without seeds: cut at ground level, leave cuttings on ground, apply Vigilant to stump.

To join the Weed Busters group, or to get support for controlling weeds on your property, please contact Drew Howat on 03 7557820.

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