Lake Kaniere Community Association (LKCA)

The LKCA is led by a small voluntary committee, and gets involved, as required, to provide:

  • Conduit between LKCA members and DoC, WDC, Police and other agencies.
  • Advocacy for amenity and service issues as required (e.g., road, grassy area, seating, DoC campsite, signage maintenance).
  • Information dissemination.
  • Neighbourhood watch and emergency contacts.
  • Recognising trends in increased visitor numbers and subsequent needs of the visiting and residential community.
  • Maintaining the well-being of the area and the permanent residents.
  • Voluntary weed and rubbish busting.
  • Civil emergency preparedness.
  • Lake user and safety matters.
  • Having a cohesive body to undertake the above.

The LKCA does not get involved with:

  • What others do on their own properties.
  • Controversial issues which could polarize residents and holiday home owners.
  • Being ‘lake police’.

Please remember some of these basics:

  1. The Association was formed to give your concerns, sanctioned by your peers, support and momentum.
  2. If you strongly believe in an issue, take ownership, present it and follow it through.
  3. The Association committee and regular meeting attendees are there to support you, but cannot do all the work!
  4. Local residents are willing to help you with local information.
  5. Local residents are continuing neighbourhood watch activities throughout the year.

Get involved - see Join LKCA